UA 90-year-old woman who was kept indoors by her daughter and fed through the window by a neighbor was rescued by authorities in Valparaíso de Goiás, Brazil.

According to the Brazilian police, cited by g1, the woman was found last week during a visit by a social worker to a residential condominium in the municipality.

On that day, the social worker was received by the elderly woman at the apartment window, as she was locked and alone, who told her that the key was with her daughter and stated that she was screaming and ‘fighting’ with her.

When asked about food, the elderly woman said that she ate lunchboxes brought by a neighbor.

After the social worker’s visit, the authorities complied with a search warrant and residential seizure in the apartment where the elderly woman was. The stove valve in the apartment was open, which caused a strong smell of gas in the place, and the gas outlet was closed to prevent possible fires.

In the victim’s house, a large amount of cockroaches was also found, in addition to the absence of food in the cabinets and fridge.

To the police, the elderly woman told that her daughter works a lot and that, therefore, she could not take care of her. Because she was not present at the time the warrant was executed, the suspect was not located by the police.

The elderly woman is being monitored by the Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance in Brazil.

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