With a large contingent of soldiers, the Russian military is probably planning an attack on the city of Kupjansk. According to the report, up to 1,000 tanks could be used. That would also mean that the soldiers would be absent from other places in the defensive struggle against the Ukrainians.

The numbers that the Ukrainian military made public a few days ago were almost unbelievable: Russia would gather around 100,000 soldiers and almost 1,000 tanks in eastern Ukraine for a large-scale offensive on the city of Kupjansk.

Kupyansk was only recaptured by the Ukrainians last fall

The town, which once had 30,000 inhabitants and is strategically located in the north-eastern region of Kharkov, was only recaptured by the Ukrainians last autumn. This was also a reason why the Russian winter offensive did not get beyond a few minor territorial gains and bachmut – the second front in the north was simply missing.

So now Russia is said to be in the process of launching a counterattack to counter the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south and around Bakhmut. However, it is questionable whether there are Russian troops in this number in the north at all.

War reporter reports that the fighting for the city has recently increased significantly

The number would probably correspond to a third of the total number of soldiers currently deployed by Russia in Ukraine. That would mean accordingly that the soldiers in the defensive fight against the Ukrainians are missing at other points on the front.

The war reporter David Patrikarakos was recently in Kupyansk and reported that the fighting around the city had increased sharply recently. Although the Ukrainians may have exaggerated the number of Russian troops, Russian strength in the area is greater than one might expect.

The aim of the Russians is probably a possible success for the Ukrainians in Bakhmut, which Kiev’s troops have now surrounded to such an extent that it is difficult for the Russians to hold the city, and to offset this with their own successes in the north. At least the Russian advance will not catch the Ukrainians unprepared.

Source: https://www.focus.de/politik/ausland/ukraine-krise/russland-plant-angeblich-grossangelegten-ueberraschungsangriff-mit-1000-panzern_id_199668455.html

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