EThis decision was taken following the annual review of the restrictive measures in force and in view of the continuation of repression and, according to a statement from the EU Council, the “drastic deterioration of the human rights situation” in Belarus.

The support of Alexander Lukashenko’s regime for the war launched by Russia two years ago against Ukraine is another basis for renewing sanctions.

The sanctions were adopted in August 2020 against those responsible for the Minsk regime, including Lukashenko, for internal repression and human rights violations. Since February 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory began, the community bloc’s measures have also taken into account Belarusian involvement in Russian aggression.

The sanctioning measures cover the freezing of assets and the prohibition, within the EU, of making funds available, as well as the ban on entry into the European space. In total, the sanctions cover 233 people and 37 entities.

On Sunday, the day marked by the holding of parliamentary and municipal elections in Belarus, a ballot boycotted by the opposition, Alexander Lukashenko, Russia’s main ally and in power since 1994, announced that he would stand for new re-election in 2025.

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