This town in Bavaria is under water! In Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, 90 liters of rain fell from the sky within 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon and flooded entire streets. Videos show how traffic routes are under water, and garages are also full.

Extreme thunderstorms flood cities in the south – and the big rain is yet to come

As the “Bayerische Rundfunk” reported, according to the police in Upper Bavaria North, there were around 100 operations in the Pfaffenhofen and Freising area. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it will continue to rain into Tuesday, especially south of the Danube and in eastern Bavaria.

The Allgäu will be particularly affected by the constant rain, where another 100 liters per square meter are expected at certain points by Tuesday morning. In some areas it could be 40 to 80 liters per square meter. “The risk of flooding and flooding is correspondingly high – but also the risk of mudslides,” explained a DWD meteorologist. In the continuous rain, only maximum values ​​of 14 degrees are expected.


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