A 19-year-old girl was the victim of femicide in Jacarepaguá, Brazil, at the hands of her boyfriend. The crime was perpetrated in her own home and her 11-year-old sister found her dead in her room.

According to Todo Noticias, TN, the victim was Kaylane Vitória Alves. When they found her, He had a deep cut on his neck that would have caused his death..

After learning of the crime, the father of the victim’s boyfriend He handed over his son to the police station. There the man confessed to the femicide and recounted the details of Kaylane’s murder.

The alleged feminicide works as a barber and told the police that used a hairdresser’s razor to commit the crime. Vitória’s family had gone out to a meeting, the subject took advantage of the fact that she was alone in the house and met her. According to TN, he claimed that she had committed the femicide because she found out that she was expecting his child.

He ended his confession by pointing out that he had bought the knife a week before with the sole purpose of murdering the young woman. Thus, The Police classified it as a premeditated crime, after listening to the testimony.

The authorities managed to compile the videos where the man is seen entering and leaving the house. Although he tried to cover his face in both appearances, his face was identified.key evidence that verifies his guilt.

The only missing piece of the puzzle is the murder weapon that has not yet been found.. The alleged murderer would have told the Police that he threw the knife in the street, which is why it makes it more difficult to find his whereabouts, but with the confession and the videos they make the element insubstantial.

Vitória’s family suspected abuse by the man, as a result of various fights, but what ended up opening their wounds was finding out that the young woman was pregnant. A friend of the victim said that the man had attacked her once and that he had asked her to abort the baby.

The results of the autopsy are still confidential and are the property of forensic medicine. While the relevant investigations are concluded, The Brazilian justice ordered preventive detention for the alleged murderer.

The young woman’s body was found on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/feminicidio-en-brasil-asesino-a-su-novia-tras-enterarse-de-que-estaba-embarazada-rg10

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