This Wednesday, May 15, 2024, in the Buckingham Palace building The first official portrait of King Charles III as monarch of the United Kingdom was unveiled, since its proclamation in the crown on May 6, 2023. The painting, created by London artist Jonathan Yeo, has sparked different opinions due to the deep crimson color that covers the oil painting.

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The painting is about two meters high and the only thing that stands out is the monarch’s face with a fresh and light expression, because the crimson, deep pink and fuchsia flood the rest of the painting.

King Charles III appears in an American shot, from thigh height upwards, it is not a full-body portrait as has been seen with other royal figures. There is a butterfly on his right shoulder, which according to Yeo, symbolizes transformative power.

What were the criticisms of the portrait of King Charles III?

art criticism Laura Freeman, jefa de The Times of London, questioned the following in reference to the intensity of the color in the painting: “Has the portrait of a blue-blooded British monarch ever been so pink?”.

Users on social networks also criticized the concept of the artist who painted King Charles III to the point of even calling it “satanic” and “creepy.”

“Was he coming out of the fires of hell at that time?” and “It looks like my grandson painted it” were other comments against the first portrait of King Charles III.

According to The New York Times, in an interview with Jonathan Yeo it was revealed that the artist was with the king for four sessions to create this unconventional portrait. They began in 2021, at which time Charles was still Prince of Wales, and continued after his coronation as a result of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“His appearance definitely changed after becoming king,” he explained in the interview. the renowned artist, who is a specialist in portraits and has a career of more than 20 years painting great figures known in the fields of culture and politics.

Furthermore, he added that “this portrait has evolved as the role of the sitter in our public life has changed.”

Despite numerous criticisms, the portrait of King Charles III It will hang in the Philip Mold art gallery until June 14, along with other works in the same style. It will later be moved to London’s Draper’s Hall financial district.

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