Relatives of the Former Colombian soldiers detained in Haiti for the assassination of Jovenel Moïse They went to the Foreign Ministry to request actions that Ensure the safety of your loved ones. Meanwhile, diplomatic authorities say that the mercenaries “they are fine”.

Precisely, the relatives are worried and say that they want to know first-hand the information that the Foreign Ministry has about the health status of the prisoners. They assure that they are aware of what has happened through the news, but they request a direct report. In addition, They cry out for the protection of their lives.

“He says he is very worried, scared. The gangs entered and took all the prisoners out of the jail. The gang leaders broke their locks, they entered them, they were going to take them out of the cells, but they resisted and did not flee, they did not leave.“said Irene Gómez, mother of John Jairo Ramírez.

The Foreign Ministry has said that it has always been in contact with Haiti through the consulate to find out the status of the 17 Colombians.

“At this moment they are in the Judicial Police. It will be temporary. What interests us most is that lives are not in danger.. The consul ensures that their human rights are respected, that they are well treated, that they have food, etc. We know they are fine, better than they were before, because yesterday the situation was that the jail had been taken over by the gang members and they did very well by not leaving. They waited and were relocated as the Foreign Ministry requested,” said Alejandro Rueda, in charge of the Colombian Foreign Ministry for American affairs.

The Foreign Ministry said that it will keep the diplomatic channel open to find out the health status of the Colombians imprisoned in Haiti. Likewise, contact will be maintained with the relatives of the mercenaries detained in that country.


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