The former Boston Red Sox player Austin Maddox was arrested as part of an operation to recruit minors for sexual purposes in Florida, United States. The capture was recorded in an impressive video.

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Another of the subjects who fell into this operation was captured when he arrived at the place where he had agreed to meet with an alleged girl, with whom he believed he had spoken online.

A respiratory therapist was apprehended in the middle of the highway, when he was on his way to an alleged intimate encounter with an 8-year-old minor.

Even Malcolm Mcgee, sergeant of the National Guard, fell in the operation against trafficking of minors.

These operations were repeated with orAnother 23 men, between 19 and 69 years of age, identified as pedophiles who sought to abuse girls.

TK Water, Chief of the Jacksonville Police, told how they found the alleged pedophiles: “Our undercover detectives posed as boys and girls, conversing online with these men, adults who solicited sexual activity and engaging in those acts with minors.”

Among those arrested is also a Duval County Public Schools maintenance employee.

The Police Chief invited those attending to “establish parental protections on devices and pay attention to what our children do. If parents don’t do it, these kinds of things can happen.”

The operation was led by the Jacksonville Police, in collaboration with the FBI and other federal agencies.

California, Texas and Florida have the highest number of cases of sex trafficking involving minors.

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Lines to report sexual or domestic violence in Colombia

  • National Line: 155
  • National Police: 123
  • Attorney General’s Office Line: 122
  • Colombian Institute of Family Welfare: 018000 918080
  • Protection Line for boys, girls and adolescents: 141
  • WhatsApp: 320 239 1685 – 320 865 5450 – 320 239 1320
  • Purple Line in Bogotá 018000 112137, WhatsApp 3007551846 or by writing to the email [email protected]
  • Line 123 Metropolitan Woman in Antioquia


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