An embarrassing incident broke out in Brazil on behalf of the former mayor of Rio de Janeiro César Maia, who, after an oversight, appeared in the bathroom in the middle of a voting session of the City Council of that city, which was carried out through the Zoom platform.

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The video of the situation has gone viral on social networks, as you can see Maia sitting on the toilet in a bathroom, while the camera on his device was still on.

One of those summoned to the meeting noticed the situation and, trying to contain his laughter, asked the politician to turn off the camera.

“César Maia, I ask you to turn off the camera, please,” said Councilman Pablo Mello, who led the virtual plenary session of the Chamber.

Maia just proceeded to adjust the angle so that it frames only the upper part of the body and the rest of the scene will stop being seen.

According to the G1 media outlet of Rio de Janeiro, after the event, an advisor to the former mayor provided an official explanation.

“The councilor was present in the plenary session, like everyone else, and suddenly felt bad, but he remained in the session. The sudden discomfort ended up harming his perception in open camera, he just stayed still, attentive to his work,” the advisor stated.

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