Carlos Medina, a former soldier of the United States Army, He fatefully died at the age of 30 after drowning in awater tankof Wisconsin. Authorities revealed details of the deadly accident.

According to a statement from the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred in the afternoon hours of March 23, 2024. “We received a report of a male individual who was stuck in a water tank in the City of Blair and needed to be rescued.”, they assured.

Carlos Medina, native of El Paso, Texas, It was inside the water tank to perform cleaning services. Two other workers who were at the scene told authorities that The former military man had been diving inside the almost 30-meter element for about 45 minutes.

He apparently told his co-workers that he was getting cold, but continued working. Co-workers believed that the subject shortly after possibly He went into a state of hypothermia and lost mobility and strength in his hand.“, detailed the Police.

Although rescue teams tried to save the man’s life, The efforts were fruitless.

Citali Medina, the deceased’s sister, started a GoFundMe account to cover the man’s funeral expenses. In it she assured that Carlos, who served in the Army in 2011, “He was a selfless and compassionate soul in this world that did not deserve him.”

Additionally, she described him as a man eager to learn who worked as a handyman, wind turbine technician and professional diver. “He left us and his 12 dogs, which he adored, because the company did not provide him with the safest environment”her sister recalled.

The locals have shown solidarity with the case, calling for safer environments for maintenance workers.

For now, the authorities They maintain an open investigation to try to clarify the death of Carlos Medina.


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