A Storm Babet, which also passed through Portugal, has caused destruction, deaths and complications in the United Kingdom, as well as in Northern Europe, during its passage.

Torrential rain and winds with gusts exceeding 100 kilometers per hour caused three deaths in England and Scotland: a 56-year-old man following a falling tree; a 57-year-old woman who was dragged into a river; and a man, in his 60s, caught in a flood.

According to the BBC, there is still a man missing in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was reportedly trapped in a vehicle near Marykirk at 3am on Friday.

Across the entire United Kingdom, from Glasgow to London, the storm wreaked havoc, even forcing the closure of the King’s Cross train station in the English capital, creating restrictions on rail traffic.

At Leeds-Bradford Airport, on Friday, bad weather also caused a plane to skid on landing. The airport remained closed until Saturday afternoon.

According to the BBC, the rain is expected to continue to ease throughout Saturday night and Sunday is expected to bring drier conditions across the UK.

Northern Europe is also a concern

The deaths resulting from this storm did not just happen in the United Kingdom. In Fehmarn, Germany, a 33-year-old woman died while driving in her car, hit by a falling tree.

Storm Babet caused other damage throughout Northern Europe. According to Time magazine, bad weather on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea even led to the failure of flood defenses in Denmark and northern Germany.

Power was cut off in locations that suffered flooding in this region and water levels rose 2.3 meters higher than would be normal, reaching the highest level recorded in the last century, in Flensburg, Germany.

Several railway lines, as well as maritime transport, were also affected by the bad weather, which led Copenhagen airport, for example, to cancel 142 flights on Friday. At the same time, several locations, throughout the region, were evacuated to avoid further victims.

“The situation on the coast is now so serious that it is too dangerous to remain there. All affected areas have been evacuated and the emergency response is withdrawing its teams,” the municipality of Haderslev, Denmark, said in a Facebook post on Friday.

The Danish Meteorological Institute warned, in fact, of strong winds and high levels of precipitation over the weekend.

You can see, in the gallery that accompanies this news, images of the destruction caused by the passage of Storm Babet in northern Europe.

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