“DI say this with the strength with which I appeal to each and every one of our voters, not a single vote should go to the National Union, in these circumstances, France deserves that we never hesitate”, said Gabriel Attal, in a speech after the projection of the results of the legislative elections, in Paris.

According to the Prime Minister, the challenge in the second round of legislative elections, next Sunday, July 7, is to “deprive the extreme right of an absolute majority”, so that a National Assembly can be constituted in which his party can have “enough weight to build majorities of projects and ideas among republican forces”.

The speech was initially scheduled to take place at Gabriel Attal’s party headquarters, but was moved at the last minute to the prime minister’s official residence at the Hotel Matignon in Paris.

In his speech, the French head of government rejected the “disastrous project of the extreme right”, considering that it reduces values, weakens the country and increases “misery”, even though he is now “on the doorstep of power”.

“Our objective is clear: to prevent the National Union from obtaining an absolute majority in the second round,” declared Gabriel Attal, calling for the withdrawal of the candidates who came in third place, to prevent the National Union (Rassemblement National, in French) from obtaining an absolute majority in the French parliament.

Gabriel Attal also criticized the coalition of left-wing parties, New Popular Front, which performed better in today’s elections than the presidential party.

“As everyone understood tonight, the New Popular Front will not have an absolute majority, we have said throughout this campaign that the presence within it of an Insubordinate France [LFI, esquerda radical] widely rejected by the French people would prevent it from being a credible alternative to govern”, he argued.

Gabriel Attal ended his speech by assuring that his party will continue to fight and resist and by calling on the French to vote for the Juntos coalition. [Ensemble, em francês]whose “candidates defend the Republic”.

In this first round, Attal’s party won just over 20%, according to first projections, with “more than 300 members” of the party qualified for the second round of elections.

According to the first projections, the far-right party União Nacional (RN) came out ahead with 34% of the votes, followed by the coalition that unites the left-wing parties Nova Frente Popular, which will have a result between 28.5% and 29.1%.

Attal was appointed Prime Minister by French President Emmanuel Macron on 9 January 2024, becoming Macron’s fourth head of government, who is serving his second term until 2027.

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