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He made an impression with his talent and strong character! The jurors as well as the viewers of Top Chef remember with pleasure the cooking of young Adrien Cachot, who did not hesitate to take risks and amazed us all with his creativity. Boosted by his appearance on the show, the chef opened his own establishment where he practices gourmet and daring cuisine, which is a hit since the restaurant is full every day. A great success! The chef came out of his kitchen to answer an interview with “ Parisian », and reveals his favorite addresses. And you will see that he likes “gastro” as much as street food! Small anthology…

It’s no surprise, the chef is fond of renowned establishments! And he proclaims it loud and clear, “I love luxury!” “. Among his favorite starred restaurants is “La Réserve” in Paris, where chef Jérôme Banctel, recently three-starred in the Michelin Guide, works, or “Plenitude” (still in Paris), where Arnaud Donckele exercises his (immense!) talents.

Adrien Cachot also does not disdain, far from it, frequenting more affordable establishments but just as recognized for the quality of their cuisine. He particularly loves lunch at the “Cantine du Troquet” (in Paris, Rungis and Pau), run by Christian Etchebest (not to be confused with Philippe!). There you can taste “rude” and bistronomic cuisine (parmentier of blood sausage, veal axoa, Basque cake, etc.) based on local products.

Adrien Cachot has kept it simple and loves to treat himself and succumb to street food. Moreover, he admits without shame, “I love kebabs! », and in particular those of “Gemüse”, legendary Berlin kebab from the east of Paris.

In the 20th arrondissement of Paris where he lives, he regularly falls for a banh-mi, this sandwich of Vietnamese origin which has been a real hit on our tables for some time now. Another favorite Asian dish of the chef, the phos and other traditional soups offered by the Don Huong restaurant. Adrien’s tastes are eclectic since he also loves to enjoy couscous from Taïs (still in the east of Paris) or makloubs from “Délices de Tunisie”.

As you can see, the young chef is just as fond of prestigious addresses as he is of small restaurants!


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