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In the dairy aisle, fruit yogurts often attract the attention of consumers looking for sweet flavors and convenient snacks. However, behind these colorful packaging which seems rich in fruit, sometimes hides nutritional compositions that deserve a closer look, particularly on the quantity of sugar present. To help you make the best choices, dietitian Ysaline Benakli shared references to promote in an Instagram video.

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First choice to favor and not the least: Yoplait stirred strawberry yogurts. Not only do they offer a delicious fruity flavor, but their balanced protein and fat content makes them an ideal option for a healthy snack. And this one is offered in brick format, which is a real advantage. Another gem to discover: Skyr Siggy’s with raspberry. With only 5.1% added sugars and a generous portion of protein (12.5 g per pot), this yogurt stands out for its clean composition, perfect for those who value their well-being while pleasing. Don’t miss out on either Activia cereals and fruits. With its 6.6% added sugars, it offers a perfect combination of cereal fiber and fruity sweetness, all enhanced with the benefits of probiotics present in the Activia range.

Although tempting, some yogurts are worth putting aside for more occasional consumption. This is the case of Yogurts Natural fruit baskets with red fruits, whose quantity of sugar per pot is around 4 squares. THE Gervais vanilla yogurts contain too much fat and sugar (3 squares per pot). Also pay attention to yogurt Nestlé Lindahls Pro, which, although low in fat, uses two sweeteners, aspartame and acesulfame-K, which may not suit all palates, in addition to potentially reducing calcium assimilation. Finally, enjoy sparingly La Fermière pineapple yogurts. Their slightly high fat and sugar content makes them an alternative to reserve for special occasions, rather than for daily consumption.


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