“AI call on all Georgian politicians and leaders to make good use of this window of opportunity and ensure that Georgia remains on the European path supported by the population”, wrote the senior European Union (EU) official on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

“In its current form, the law is not in line with the values ​​and direction of the EU”, said Michel.

The new law requires that any non-governmental organization (NGO) or media outlet whose funding comes in more than 20% from abroad must register in Georgia as an “organization pursuing the interests of a foreign power” and subject to administrative control.

On behalf of the European Commission, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, had already called on Georgia to “withdraw the law”, considered to be contrary to the “essential values ​​and principles” of the European community bloc.

“I continue to closely monitor developments in the situation in Georgia,” added Charles Michel.

The pro-European President Zurabishvili, in open conflict with the Government, announced today that he had vetoed the law on “foreign influence”, which triggered mass protests in the Caucasus country.

It is, however, a highly symbolic veto, since the party that proposed the law, the Georgian Dream, in power, claims to have enough votes in parliament to override it.

Critics of the law approved on Tuesday consider it an attempt to move Georgia away from Europe and closer to Russia, a country where similar legislation exists, which is why they call it “the Russian law”.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Western defense bloc), the European Commission and the UN condemned the Georgian Government’s initiative.

A former Soviet republic, Georgia has been an official candidate for EU membership since December 2023 and also aspires to join the Atlantic Alliance.

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