Recently, users have come across an unusual call to action on Wikipedia, a request for donations. This fact has raised concerns and the inevitable question: Is the encyclopedia in danger of disappearing?

The short answer is no. Wikipedia is not on the brink of extinction, but it does face the constant challenge of maintaining its funding model.

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Why is Wikipedia asking for donations?

Founded on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, Wikipedia is distinguished by its commitment to free access to knowledge. Operated by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, the encyclopedia is supported almost exclusively by voluntary donations from its users.

Wikipedia’s annual fundraising campaign is a reminder of its unique model and its dependence on community support. The message users encounter when browsing through its pages is clear: “Wikipedia belongs to you.” This slogan reflects the philosophy of the platform, which sees in each user not only a reader, but also a potential patron.

The ad invites users to donate, starting with contributions from $1.83 (5,500 Colombian pesos), and emphasizes the importance of each contribution, no matter how small. The free encyclopedia emphasizes that only 2% of its readers donatewhich means that any contribution can make a significant difference.

Jimmy Wales, in a message on the home page, asserts that “Wikipedia is not for sale,” reaffirming the encyclopedia’s commitment to its educational mission and its independence. The request for donations, therefore, is not a sign of impending crisis, but rather a manifestation of its continued need for support to maintain its operation and development.

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