“Cwe have reached an agreement on a new aid package worth 500 million euros,” German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told the media on the sidelines of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting at the air base from the United States in Ramstein (southwest Germany).

“We support Ukraine with what they urgently need most,” commented the official, referring to air defense systems, ammunition and transport vehicles.

The German Defense Minister, who met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Rustem Umerov, explained that Germany will provide ten thousand rounds of ammunition from its reserves.

“The transfer could start soon, in fact immediately,” Pistorius said.

Furthermore, he added, Germany will bear the costs of 180,000 munitions as part of the Czech initiative to find financing to acquire 800,000 munitions.

“The shipment will be done gradually and will begin in the summer”, he indicated.

Germany has also ordered 100,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition across the country, which are expected to begin being sent to Ukraine this year, the minister added.

Likewise, one hundred armored infantry vehicles and one hundred transport vehicles, as well as spare parts, will also be part of the aid package.

Two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, German help comes in line with the reinforcement that several European countries have undertaken in military support for Kyiv, when Ukrainian forces face difficulties in containing the advances of Moscow’s troops in the east of the country and following of the impasse for months in the North American Congress to approve an aid package worth around 60 billion dollars (55 billion euros).

Kyiv’s allies have also enacted sanctions against key sectors of the Russian economy to try to diminish Moscow’s ability to finance the war effort in Ukraine.

The conflict caused the destruction of important infrastructure in several areas of Ukraine, as well as an undetermined number of civilian and military victims.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2524368/alemanha-anuncia-500-milhoes-de-euros-em-nova-ajuda-militar-a-kyiv

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