A Our message is clear: we will not abandon innocent Palestinian mothers, fathers and children”, stressed Annalena Baerbock, during a press conference in Amman alongside her Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi.

This additional aid allows “to support international organizations such as the World Food Programme, Unicef ​​and especially Unrwa [agência da ONU para os refugiados palestinianos]so that the inhabitants of Gaza can be supplied with food”, highlighted Baerbock, quoted in a statement released by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We are preparing to be able to send medical teams to Gaza,” he added, describing the humanitarian situation in Gaza as catastrophic.

Baerbock also praised the signs that give hope of an “at least limited” opening of the Rafah crossing point, between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The minister appealed to all interested parties involved to “overcome the last obstacles” to allow passage.

“We need places in Gaza where civilians, families and children can be treated in complete safety, that is, places with civil infrastructure, hospitals and schools”, highlighted Baerbock.

Jordan is the first stop on a trip to the Middle East in which the German minister also plans to visit Israel and Lebanon until Saturday.

Baerbock had already visited Israel and Egypt last week.

Before starting the trip, the head of German diplomacy reaffirmed Germany’s “unshakable solidarity” with Israel and denounced Hamas’ “perfidious calculation to expose the Palestinian civilian population to death, anguish and suffering.”

During this trip, the minister also wants to “discuss with all those who have channels with Hamas how the hostages can be released”, as Germany is one of the many countries with people kidnapped by the Islamist movement.

This Thursday marked the 13th day of the war, which began with the surprise attack by the Islamist group Hamas on Israeli territory which, according to Jewish authorities, caused around 1,400 deaths and 4,000 injuries.

The Islamist movement also captured 200 people, held captive in Gaza and some of them killed – according to Hamas, by Israeli bombings. Other militias captured another 50 people, making a total of 250 hostages.

Israel reacted to the attack by declaring war on Hamas, imposing a total blockade on the entry of humanitarian aid and beginning intense bombings that according to Palestinian authorities have already caused more than 3,700 deaths.

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