DTwo Su-27 fighters were responsible for identifying the three enemy targets — the RC-135 and two Typhoon fighters — after they were located by Russian radars, Russian Defense said.

The Su-27s were ordered to take off to prevent British Air Force planes from violating the Russian border in the Black Sea, according to the same source.

After the Russian aircraft approached, the enemy reconnaissance plane and the two fighters escorting it turned around, he added.

As on previous occasions, Russia specified that its aviation behavior is “in strict accordance” with international rules for the use of airspace in neutral waters and did not include a dangerous approach to hostile aircraft.

On October 6, a Russian MiG-31 fighter intercepted a North American Poseidon P-8A spy plane near the Russian border, over the Norwegian Sea.

Another MiG-31 had already intercepted a Poseidon on September 18, as it approached Russian territory in the Barents Sea.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2423595/russia-diz-ter-intercetado-aviao-espiao-e-cacas-britanicos-no-mar-negro

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