Na meeting with the press, said that he had not yet made a preliminary decision, when asked about an article in the weekly Der Spiegel, according to which the minister intends to reach a conclusion by 2025.

Pistorius said that the models are being reviewed and that he will also analyze this issue during his trip to Sweden, Norway and Finland – which starts today -, although he recognizes that he has a “certain weakness” for the Swedish model.

“Then I will form an opinion, I will consult some political colleagues about what is the right path, what is the right model, and whether it will be in 2025 or a later year, we will see”, he added.

He highlighted that, in any case, nothing has yet been decided because, as is known, he said, it needs majorities to do so.

“These are discussions that we are just starting to raise, but that we have to carry out, I am convinced of that”, he said.

Der Spiegel reported today that, according to an internal document it had access to, “the minister intends to make a decision on compulsory military service before the end of the current legislature.”

Thus, according to the weekly, Pistorius instructed his ministry to present by April 1 “options for a model of military service that, in accordance with the threat, is scalable in the short term and contributes to the nation’s resilience as a all”.

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