Bangladesh National Board of Revenue (NBR) member Matiur Rahman was exposed to public scrutiny for corruption after A video of his son Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat buying a goat for 1.5 million taka ($12,820) went viral on social media. ahead of the Muslim festival Eid-al-Adha earlier this month.

The specimen, a brown goat weighing 175 kilograms and more than five feet tall, would be sacrificed for the holidays. According to local media, The animal is of the ‘Beetal’ breed and is the largest goat in Bangladesh.

Although Rahman initially denied that the young man was his sonthe Bangladeshi media began an investigation in this regard that also revealed the official’s fortune.

A court on Monday imposed an international travel ban on Rahman and his relatives to facilitate an investigation.

“There is an accusation that NBR official and his family members laundered a huge amount of money. An investigation is now underway against them,” said Anti-Corruption Commission lawyer Mir Abdus Salam.

The travel ban against Rahman and his family members came a day after he was removed from the post of chairman of the Customs, Excise and VAT Appellate Tribunal of the National Board of Revenue.

Rahman was also removed from his position as director of a state bank on Monday.

Allegations of corruption against senior government officials are frequent in Bangladesh ranked 149th in 2023 corruption index of the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International.


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