UA helicopter carried out the last overflight at around 7pm local time (5pm Lisbon), while seven vessels are expected to continue patrolling the area throughout the night, accompanied by a coast guard vessel and a Navy frigate, the coast guard informed the French news agency, AFP.

The Greek coast guard reported today that a cargo ship flying the flag of the Comoros sank off the Greek island of Lesbos with 14 people on board, with one of the crew having already been saved.

The crew member, who was rescued by a Navy helicopter and taken to a hospital on Lesbos, is “in a state of shock”, said coast guard spokesman Nikos Alexiou, without giving further details.

During the operation, the body of a man was located and transported to the port of Mytilene.

The crew includes two Syrians, one Indian and 11 Egyptians, according to Greek news agency ANA.

According to ANA, the ship, which was carrying a load of salt and which left Egypt bound for Istanbul, sank when water entered due to high levels of sea agitation, despite already being overloaded by the cargo it was carrying.

So far, there has been no fuel spill, “at least widespread, as there was no collision”, a coast guard official told AFP.

In several areas of Greece, boats were moored this weekend due to strong winds that reached 9-10 on the Beaufort scale, whose limit is 12.

Greek weather services have issued a warning for this weekend, which was raised on Saturday to the level of a “dangerous weather phenomenon” as Storm Oliver, also known as Bettina, moves from the Adriatic Sea towards Greece. .

In recent months, Greece has experienced extreme weather phenomena, with several floods and storms.

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