“O general secretary [António Guterres] recognizes the key role played by MINUSMA in protecting civilians; the mission’s support for the peace process, including ensuring respect for the ceasefire in the context of the 2015 peace and reconciliation agreement, as well as the transition; his efforts to reestablish the authority of the State; and the provision of peace dividends to the population”, read a statement from Guterres’ spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric.

The spokesperson highlighted the role of MINUSMA leader, El Ghassim Wane, highlighting his “outstanding leadership in a challenging context”, and paid tribute to the 311 UN employees who died and the more than 700 who were injured during the 10 years of the mission in Mali.

Dujarric reaffirmed “the United Nations’ commitment to working with the people of Mali and the transitional Government to re-establish constitutional order, as well as the promotion of peace, security and sustainable development.”

On January 1st a “settlement period” begins, during which a smaller team, along with rearguard groups from troop and police contributing countries, will remain in Gao and Bamako to oversee the orderly transportation of goods belonging to those countries. countries to their respective nations and the proper disposal of equipment belonging to the United Nations, the spokesperson explained.

The UN “counts on the full cooperation of the transitional government so that this process can be completed as quickly as possible”, he stressed.

The last MINUSMA troops stationed at the military base in Timbuktu (north) left the African country on Friday after the United Nations Security Council approved on June 30, at the request of the Malian authorities, the withdrawal of the mission.

Mali’s relations with MINUSMA were affected by a UN report on the deaths of more than 500 people in March 2022 in the city of Moura (center), for which the Malian army was held responsible.

The mission’s departure puts an end to a commitment that dates back to 2013 to respond to the increase in violence in Mali, which spread to countries such as Burkina Faso and Niger, among others, causing thousands of displacement.

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