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Excess is often the key word at holiday meals. Between the foie gras, the oysters and the log, there is something to splurge on. While you need to know how to enjoy the present moment and treat yourself, you may also want to compensate for these excesses. This is good since we found a food that would be particularly effective in fulfilling this role.

Green beans have everything it takes to be the perfect food that will help you compensate for your excesses. Maya Vadiveloo, professor of nutrition at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, explained why it is good to eat this food during the holidays (but not only): “Green beans are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, an antioxidant that gives fruits and vegetables their color.” They also contain vitamin B9 and potassium which are beneficial for our health. Finally, it is a vegetable rich in fiber and protein. For the holidays you can offer them alongside less healthy foods that you love to provide a balanced diet: “But balance it with healthier things on the side and only have a little.” adds the nutritionist. As it’s not the season, opt for frozen green beans, richer in vitamins and less salty than canned ones.

If you choose to serve green beans, you need to be careful how you cook them. You should avoid serving green vegetables if they are full of fat. Maya Vadiveloo recommends cooking green beans in vegetable oil – like olive oil – rather than bacon. Do not cook your beans in boiling water but rather steam them. This helps preserve their taste and nutrients. Finally, if you are planning a cream-based recipe, it is better to use Greek yogurt or low-fat milk rather than heavy cream. With these tips, you will have a healthy but delicious green bean dish to compensate for all your excesses during the holidays.


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