In April 2024, Miguel Ángel Cárdenas, a 32-year-old man from Cali, He made the decision to join a group of Colombian combatants in Ukraine.

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Today, almost two months after his departure, what seemed to be a dream to improve the economic situation of his family, It became his worst nightmare.

“At that point, Ukraine lied to us because they told us that we were only going to take care of them and they ended up shooting us. “I surrendered to the Russian Army,” Cárdenas said.

While he is a prisoner in the hands of the Russians, His family in Cali is in anxiety and asks for help so he can return home.

“I earnestly ask you, with my heart in my hand, that my son be returned to me safe and sound. Don’t let them do anything to me. Let them protect it for me, let them bring it to me here. “If he did it, he didn’t do it because he was bad, but for the future of the children, of me and my other son,” Blanca Amparo Montilla, Miguel Ángel’s mother, pleaded in tears.

According to the wife of the fighter in Ukraine, His motivation was to be able to receive a good payment, as other friends had told him who, like him, went to a war that did not belong to them.

“He started talking to a long-time friend who went there and told him that he was doing well. He began to talk to him about payments and that what was done here in Colombia in a year, there was earned in a month or fifteen days, “If they came out of a confrontation, they earned a bonus, that is, they were paid more,” the woman said.

Today Miguel Ángel’s family only wants to see him again in Colombia and alive. That’s why They call on the national government to reach agreements with Russia so that they can return home. in Cali.

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