A The death of a 14-year-old teenager is leaving not only London, but the entire United Kingdom in shock, given the violence of the episode. The young man died after being attacked by a man with a samurai sword, near a metro station in Hainault, in the northeast of the British capital.

Four other people were also reported injured.

Both the government, starting with the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and beyond, as well as the opposition or even King Charles III have already reacted to the situation. The leaders considered the situation “shocking” and asked to be continually updated on the situation – within which the suspect was detained.

But it’s not just leaders who are shocked by the situation. Those who witnessed the situation also revealed the shock they felt.

One of the people at the scene said that he “couldn’t help but imagine the boy’s face”: “In two seconds, [o suspeito] He started running and took out his sword”. James Fernando also says that a woman tried to scream to get the teenager’s attention, but as soon as he turned around “he was hit by the sword and died”.

“It’s traumatic. I can’t help but imagine the boy’s face”he said, adding that even until the authorities arrived, the suspect continued to run with the sword “looking for more victims”.

A man was arrested following the attack and is in police custody.

Daniela Carrilho | 13:04 – 04/30/2024

Two of the injured are agents, who upon their arrival immediately tried to immobilize him. “There was a massive police response. They all ran to where the suspect was and shouted at him to put down his sword,” recalled Chris Bates, a resident of the area.

“They were shouting and he was answering them and then they used the ‘taser’. And then there were seven or eight who jumped on him. And they stayed like that for about 15 minutes”explained the resident, saying that they then handcuffed the 36-year-old suspect and “took him to the police station”.

The agents who were transported to the hospital have “significant injuries” and both require surgical intervention. However, it is believed that the injuries do not put the lives of these police officers at risk. The other two injured are also hospitalized – and out of danger.

Videos of the attacker with the sword in hand – which you can see here – were widely publicized on social media. Attention: the images may offend the sensitivity of more sensitive readers.

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