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With hard-boiled eggs, vegetable sticks or to make Caesar salad sauce, mayonnaise is an essential condiment that enhances a variety of dishes. And even though its preparation requires few ingredients, it remains high in fat. Fortunately, there is a lighter alternative, and the content creator @louloukitchen takes great pleasure in sharing her low-fat mayonnaise recipe with us on her TikTok page! A recipe that doesn’t call for raw eggs!

It is also an interesting alternative for pregnant women who must avoid them in their diet due to the risk of contamination by salmonella, because this mayonnaise can be consumed by everyone, without restriction.

So, are you ready to try the experience?

@louloukitchen_ Mayonnaise without sunflower oil and raw eggs #mayolegere Love Story – Indila – Penguin Piano

2 cooked eggs

One and a half tbsp of vinegar

A tbsp of olive oil

A pinch of salt


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