A man experienced quite a nightmare after he went to a medical center to treat his toothache. In the middle of a surgical procedure, the dentist punctured his jaw and orbital floor, causing temporary blindness.

The patient who suffered this serious incident was identified as Ramazan Yilmaz. According to the Gazete Duvar media, the subject went, in July 2023, to a private dental clinic in the Nilüfer district, in Turkey, after suffering from a severe toothache.
The dentist who treated him informed him that his tooth was “loose” and that it needed to be extracted.which is why I had to start treatment with implants.

After the tooth was removed, the dentist began the process to place an implant, but, Instead of just drilling into the spot where the new tooth was going to be, it went through patient Yilmaz’s jaw and into the bone hole behind his left eye.which caused cerebrospinal fluid to enter.

The doctor immediately took Ramazan Yilmaz to have a CT scan that confirmed the serious damage he had caused to the man. He saw that the screw was in the bone cavity.

He underwent a surgical procedure

The screw that was embedded in his brain was removed and he began a recovery process to regain his vision.

Yilmez sued the dentist for material and moral damages. For this reason, the Bursa Chamber of Dentists began a disciplinary investigation against the doctor for “defective practice of the profession.”

The victim in this incident told authorities that He felt like “my jaw bone broke.”

Since he underwent surgery, he has been without some teeth, which has caused him to take psychological treatment. Furthermore, he added that “some days I have a very bad headache.”

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/acudio-al-medico-por-un-dolor-de-muela-y-termino-con-un-implante-en-el-cerebro-que-paso-rg10

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