A The White House has already reacted to the seizure of a building by students demonstrating for Palestine at Columbia University, in New York.

“The president believes that taking a university campus building by force is completely the wrong approach”said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

The protesters in question barricaded themselves in the building and displayed a Palestinian flag in a window. The students in question even ended up stealing furniture, making it impossible for the authorities to enter.

“Not an example of a peaceful demonstration”Kirby further stated.

Dozens of protesters took over a Columbia University building in New York this morning, barricading the entrances and unfurling a Palestinian flag from the window.

Lusa | 14:19 – 04/30/2024

The United States government has been a strong supporter of Israel, hesitating to condemn Tel Aviv’s actions in the Middle East, which have killed thousands of Palestinians. The discourse has hardened in recent weeks, after Israel killed seven humanitarian workers, including at least one American.

Last week, Joe Biden made his opinion on the protests known. “The president believes that freedom of expression, debate and non-discrimination on university campuses are important. We think it’s important that people can speak out, but when there is rhetoric of hate and violence we have to report it,” declared the spokesperson Karin Jean-Pierre, at a press conference.

Protests at several universities in the country have been taking place in recent days, with students camping there.

Dozens of people were arrested on Monday during protests at universities in Texas, Utah, Virginia and New Jersey, while Columbia University announced it had begun suspending students after calling police to evict students camped out in the city’s central square. your ‘campus’.

Yale and New Haven police also surrounded the encampment in the university’s central square, explaining that anyone within the blocked area would be subject to arrest and suspension if they did not leave.

Also today, police entered an encampment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Connecticut, officers ordering protesters to remove their tents.

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