The heat is back and hits the Upper Rhine in particular. Highs of 35 degrees are possible between Lörrach and Darmstadt – starting next Sunday. According to current forecasts, the hottest day will be Tuesday next week.

Heat wave: Up to 35 degrees on the Upper Rhine

That means extreme heat again. It could also be coming again for downtown tropical nights.

But it’s not only getting hot in the south: The air from North Africa also reaches the North and Baltic Seas.

The whole week will be summery and warm, with temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees. From the weekend the 30 degrees will come to Hamburg and maybe even to Kiel and Rostock. So the weekend will be sunny and hot. Only on the Upper Rhine does it get almost unbearably hot with up to 35 degrees.

In the east, around Berlin, another small island of heat is forming. Values ​​of up to 32 degrees are also possible here.

Heat could go into overtime

Thunderstorms are not yet in sight. It could only flash again next week.

So September gives us a whole week of summer – at least. The heat wave is not expected to end until next Wednesday. However, such weather patterns are often extended by a few days. So it could be that summer lasts even longer.

Sahara dust and cold snap

It is already certain that Sahara dust will be in the air again. However, it is not yet clear how much it will be. It is still too early to make an exact prediction about this. Already this week the desert dust penetrates to Scotland. This is an indication that there is another large temperature outbreak from the Sahara to the north.

However, the forecasts also indicate that summer will not last forever. The values ​​will drop significantly in the middle to the end of next week, but they will remain at a fairly high level. The first fall of autumn is not yet in sight. The wind direction will remain south-west even after the heat wave. This will make it more changeable, but it will remain warm for the time being.

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Originally posted by The Weather Channel, “Nearly 36 degree heat wave rolls in: September hits record levels”.


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