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When it comes to pastry, cake stands out as a sure bet that everyone will agree on. But for a change from the classic vanilla cake, today we offer you 15 recipes, each one as delicious as the next. From carrot cake to pistachio cake, it’s impossible not to find what you’re looking for. Here are our best ideas for delicious and very easy to make recipes.

Light cake with chestnut cream

Let yourself be seduced by the light cake with chestnut cream. Without butter, this cake is incredibly moist and fragrant. Its light texture like a cloud will surprise you from the first bite. For even more deliciousness, don’t hesitate to add chopped candied chestnuts or baked chestnuts to the dough. See the recipe for light chestnut cream cake.

Banana bread with cocoa

Banana bread is a great classic that never goes out of style. To add a touch of originality, we added cocoa to this traditional recipe. The result is simply divine! This banana cake is ideal for using overripe fruit. See the recipe for cocoa banana bread.

Pear bread or pear cake

With the pear bread, we decided to combine the pear with chestnut flour, for an even more intense combination of flavors. Be sure to keep half of the diced pears on the surface of the cake, they will sink delicately during cooking, adding an extra touch of deliciousness. See the recipe for pear bread or pear cake.

Praline cake

The praline cake is super soft and offers an irresistible taste. Its simple recipe is a must try at home to satisfy all sweet lovers. Prepare to melt with pleasure from the first bite! See the praline cake recipe.

Pecan and salted butter caramel cake

This pecan and salted butter caramel cake is a real sweet pleasure. Easy to prepare and transport, it keeps for several days without losing its flavor. Caramel lovers will be delighted by this deliciously delicious recipe. See the pecan and salted butter caramel cake recipe.

Chocolate and dried fruit cake

Chocolate lovers, this cake is made for you! Garnished with a creamy ganache and dried fruits, this cake is a real explosion of indulgence in the mouth. Its ultra delicious texture and its mixture of flavors will definitely make you succumb. See the recipe for chocolate and dried fruit cake.

Pistachio cake

Succumb to the delicacy of our pistachio cake, a subtle marriage between the richness of the pistachio and the sweetness of the cake. Each bite is an explosion of flavors, offering a unique taste experience. A perfect option for those looking for a refined touch in their dessert. See the pistachio cake recipe.

Rum and raisin cake

Let yourself be carried away by the irresistible scent of rum and the sweetness of raisins in our delicious cake. A recipe that evokes comfort and warms the heart. Perfect for a relaxing evening or a special occasion, this cake will delight lovers of traditional flavors. See the recipe for rum and raisin cake.

Peanut butter and chocolate cake

A perfect marriage between creamy peanut and chocolate fondant. Our peanut butter and chocolate cake is an explosion of textures and tastes. Ideal for satisfying sweet and sour lovers, this cake is a must-try. See the recipe for peanut butter and chocolate cake.

Cake with apples

Our apple cake combines the freshness of fruit with the tenderness of the cake, creating a harmony of flavors that will please all gourmands. Perfect for a sweet break at any time of the day. See the apple cake recipe.

Zebra cake 3 colors

A spectacular visual combined with a surprising palette of flavors, our 3-color zebra cake is a true work of edible art. Let yourself be seduced by its elegant stripes and its harmonious blend of vanilla and chocolate. See the recipe for 3-color zebra cake.

Orange cake

Refreshing and fragrant, our orange cake is an explosion of citrus flavors. The combination of the acidity of the orange with the sweetness of the cake creates a delicate balance. Perfect for a sunny note on gray days. See the orange cake recipe.

Lemon cake

A real explosion of freshness, our lemon cake awakens the taste buds with its lemony scent. Light and soft, this cake is an invitation to a taste journey. Perfect for ending a meal on a light and tangy note. See the lemon cake recipe.

Carrot cake like at Starbucks

Rediscover the pleasure of carrot cake, Starbucks style, with our irresistible recipe. The combination of carrot, walnuts and creamy icing creates an ideal marriage reminiscent of the delicacies of the famous coffee chain. See the carrot cake recipe like at Starbucks.

Nutella Marble Cake

For Nutella lovers, our marbled cake is a real chocolate delight. Easy and simple to make, this recipe will be perfect for your gourmet break. We’re salivating in advance. See the recipe for marbled Nutella cake.


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