“N“I can’t give details now, but we are engaged in serious negotiations between the two sides, which makes us optimistic,” said Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed Al Ansari at a press conference, lamenting that “there are several obstacles affecting negotiations”.

Regarding the “obstacles”, he referred to the “rejection” of the Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the creation of an independent Palestinian state and the calls for the “displacement of the inhabitants of Gaza” out of the enclave.

Al Ansari indicated that there is a “lack of trust” between Israel and Hamas, following the assassination of the number two in the movement’s political office, Saleh al Arouri, in early January, in Beirut, and that “contacts with the leadership of the Palestinian group in Gaza were interrupted for some time”.

“The challenges are great,” said Al Ansari, who reiterated that mediation is currently focused on the cessation of hostilities in Gaza, where “05% of the Gaza Strip’s inhabitants have been killed or injured.”

However, the Qatari spokesperson indicated that mediation efforts “will not stop whatever the situation on the ground” to reach a truce and was “optimistic” about the success of the contacts.

“The Israeli side must understand that the continuation of the war only leads to more losses”, insisted the spokesman for Qatari diplomacy, whose country was the main mediator in obtaining a brief truce at the end of 2023 in Gaza and in the exchange of hostages held by Hamas by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Along these lines, he assured that “Qatar is the one offering the proposals” to reach understandings between Israel and Hamas during this new round of “talks” which he considered “sensitive”.

Last week, Qatar announced “the success of Qatar’s successful mediation in cooperation with France” for an agreement between Israel and Hamas to deliver medicine and humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Since the beginning of the war, which began after the attack against Israel on October 7, 2023, 25,300 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks in Gaza and more than 63,000 have been injured, according to information disseminated by Hamas.

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