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After a tasty tartiflette, rich and sweet desserts can sometimes seem a little too heavy for the stomach. On average, one plate of tartiflette equals 850 calories, which is the equivalent of a good kebab. After tasting all this cheese, onions, crème fraîche and bacon, you have enough to feel very full. This is why it is wise to opt for light and digestible fruit-based desserts. Fruits are our best allies in this matter, because they are rich in fiber and enzymes which stimulate intestinal transit, promote better digestion, and help you feel lighter after a hearty meal.

Fruits are invaluable allies in facilitating digestion after a hearty meal. They are rich in fiberwhich helps regulate intestinal transit and prevent feelings of heaviness. Apples and pears, for example, are rich in fiber, which helps to streamline intestinal transit while protecting the digestive tract. Lemon can help digest food thanks to citric acid contained in its juice, which stimulates the production of bile in the liver, just like clementine whose nutritional composition is close to that of lemon. These fruits respect the acid-base balance, essential for good digestion. Finally, he kiwi, this fruit contains a unique digestive enzyme, actinidinewhich amplifies the breakdown of proteins and facilitates gastric digestion.

This winter fruit salad is a light and refreshing option to end your meal. It is made from pineapples, apples, bananas, lychees, kiwis and oranges. Fruits bring a touch of freshness and a good dose of fiber which promotes digestion. See the recipe for winter fruit salad

Tea-poached pears are a delicate and fragrant option. Steaming preserves the natural flavor of pears while making them easy to digest. The addition of tea brings a subtle touch of aroma. See the recipe for steamed, tea-poached pears

Kiwi and clementine crumble is a crunchy dessert that combines sweet and tangy. This recipe uses a dough made from oat flakes which will add even more fiber to this dessert. See the recipe for kiwi and clementine crumble

Baked apples are a great classic. Their natural sweetness is further accentuated by cooking in the oven. This light dessert is ideal to end a hearty meal. See the recipe for baked apples

Lemon sorbet is a refreshing and light option to punctuate a hearty meal. It is the ideal dessert for light and pleasant digestion. See the lemon sorbet recipe


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