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Treat yourself to a comforting moment with a zucchini and pea soup. The creamy texture of this soup is enhanced by the sweetness of the peas, creating a sweet mixture. A simple and delicious dish that will warm hearts, ideal for cool days. And don’t forget to opt for frozen zucchini, as it’s not in season. See the recipe for zucchini soup with peas and Vache Qui Rit.

Transform your usual hummus into a vibrant, green version with the addition of peas. This innovative recipe combines the creamy texture of chickpeas with the crunch of peas, creating a superb hummus. Perfect to enjoy with crunchy vegetables or pita bread. See the recipe for chickpea hummus with peas.

Make delicious pancakes by combining peas, fresh mint and feta. These crispy pancakes are a delicious vegetarian option, combining the sweetness of peas with the freshness of mint and the richness of feta. A dish that will appeal even to meat lovers. See the recipe for pea, mint and feta pancakes.

Get back to basics with simple and delicious mashed potatoes with peas. Peas add a touch of sweetness to this classic puree, creating a velvety texture. Accompany your meat or fish dishes with this comforting puree that will please the whole family. See the recipe for mashed potatoes and peas.


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