EThis Thursday, the news that two brothers violently killed their adoptive mother in Cantabria shocked the Spanish population.

The contours of the story are shocking and many wonder what led to the crime.

The two brothers, aged 13 and 15, killed their mother, identified as Silvia López Gayubas, aged 48, in the house where they lived. The victim’s body was found with stab wounds to the neck, inside a car in the garage of the family home. After the crime, the teenagers placed a garbage bag over the victim’s head and fled. They were located in a city park hours later.

The motive and (failed) plan for the crime

The two brothers, of Russian origin, and who were adopted several years ago, were arrested in the early hours of Thursday by the Guardia Civil, eventually confessing to the crime.

As we now know, and according to ABC news, they allegedly claimed that they killed their mother to take revenge for the successive punishments they were subjected to because of their bad grades. A theory yet to be confirmed, given that moments before the city mayor had assured, in a press conference, that the two were exemplary students.

Colleagues of the two claim that Jon, the eldest, had some aggressive behavior against, especially, girls, but there is no record that there were ever any complaints against him.

The mother, who worked in a hospital and was a catechist, had never shown any signs that there might be problems at home, so everyone in the community was taken by surprise and was shocked by what had happened.

As sources in the process revealed to El Mundo, the two brothers’ plan was, after her death, to transport their mother’s body to another location. However, when they tried to leave the house in the car, Jon made the mistake of putting the gear in gear and ended up crashing the car into the wall.

It was then that they fled, but not before calling their grandmother and claiming that they had been kidnapped.

Given this indication, the police initially suspected that it was a crime of domestic violence. However, Silvia’s husband was working in Bilboa at the time of the crime, this hypothesis was ruled out, and the two brothers became the main suspects in the crime, who would later confess.

“They don’t know how to love […] because they didn’t want to love them”

ABC spoke to a psychologist to try to understand what was going through the minds of the two brothers. For Marta de Prado there is a situation that is clear.

“They don’t know how to love, because they feel, consciously or unconsciously, that they didn’t want to love them and that’s why they were taught not to love them”, he states, referring to the fact that they were not raised by their biological parents.

This is not a general problem for adopted children, but it is clear that the attachment style that some children develop with this traumatic experience in the first years of life can generate very dysfunctional relational styles.

“A key moment for these children is adolescence, because they feel very independent, as if they were adults, and the emotional world of relationships with their peers begins to change”, he adds.

It should be remembered that the older brother continues to be detained by the Guardia Civil, while the younger brother, who, as a minor, is not responsible, is under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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