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Italian gastronomy is renowned for its delicious diversity of flavors, through its cheeses, pizzas and pastas. However, behind this generous cuisine hides quite a few calories and the final bill can be steep after a meal at an Italian restaurant. Alexandra Murcier dietician-nutritionist, in an interview for the media Doctissimoreveals to us which are the 4 most caloric dishes to avoid and what to replace them with to still enjoy yourself.

Pesto-based dishes, whether pasta or gnocchi, should be consumed in moderation. Pesto sauce, rich in olive oil, adds a large amount of fat to these dishes, in addition to the carbohydrates already present. “For a more balanced option“, advises Alexandra Murcier, “opt for penne à la norma with parmesan. This alternative provides proteins and vegetables, such as eggplant, which help reduce the glycemic index of the dish.”

One of the most common temptations in Italian restaurants is the famous “four cheese pizza.” However, Alexandra Murcier reminds us that it is better to forget it if we are trying to monitor our caloric intake. This pizza is loaded with carbs and fat, making it particularly nutritionally unbalanced. Additionally, cheese, one of its key ingredients, is a significant source of salt, as is pizza dough, which can promote water retention. For a healthier alternative, opt for a vegetarian pizza, rich in fiber and with a lower glycemic index.

The Milanese escalope, although delicious, is breaded and significantly increases the intake of saturated fatty acids. It is usually accompanied by pasta, which makes it a totally unbalanced plate. For a more complete dish, ask for a small portion of pasta and grilled vegetables on the side. This will reduce the caloric impact while retaining the flavor of the Milanese escalope.

Finally, for dessert, tiramisu is an Italian classic appreciated by many gourmands. However, Alexandra Murcier points out that it is often too fatty and too sweet due to the presence of mascarpone in the recipe. To lighten the calorie balance a little, share it between two people to reduce the portion consumed, or opt for a sorbet, which is a much more moderate choice in terms of calories.


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