“IThis is just the beginning (…) We will end this war stronger than ever,” said Benjamin Netanyahu without providing further details about the possible ground offensive in Gaza.

“We are hitting our enemies with unprecedented force and, I emphasize, this is just the beginning. Our enemies have only just begun to pay the price. I will not detail our plans, but I tell you that this is just the beginning ” added Netanyahu.

“In my telephone contacts with President (Joe) Biden (of the United States) and other world leaders, and through many other efforts, we are ensuring broad international support for Israel,” said the prime minister.

“We will destroy Hamas, we will triumph. It may take time, but we will end this war stronger than ever. ‘May the Almighty’ ensure that the enemies who rise up against us are slaughtered”, concluded the head of the Government of Israel.

It is a short declaration made at the beginning of Shabatt (which begins at sunset on Friday) and a few hours before the end of the ultimatum for the civilian population to leave Gaza.

The deadlines communicated by Israel also concern the evacuation of the enclave’s hospital.

This morning, the Israel Defense Forces moved a column of more than fifty armored vehicles to Gaza from Sderot, east of the enclave, while bombarding the territory with artillery throughout the day.

For the Israeli civilian population in the region, it was the first movement of troops towards a land invasion against Gaza, where Hamas holds more than a hundred Israelis hostage.

The Israeli Army’s ground campaign has been expected since the beginning of the response to Hamas’ large-scale attack last Saturday.

On the other hand, throughout the day, Hamas forces demonstrated their ability, especially during the afternoon, to continue firing missiles at the urban areas of Israel near the Gaza Strip.

The Islamist group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel last Saturday with the launch of thousands of rockets and the incursion of armed militiamen by land, sea and air.

In response, Israel bombed several Hamas infrastructures in the Gaza Strip from the air and imposed a total siege on the territory, cutting off water, fuel and electricity supplies.

The attacks have already caused thousands of deaths and injuries in both territories.

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