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For the New Year, you probably still have some delicious ideas to find to welcome your guests. If you want an original and easy-to-prepare recipe, we have what you need. You can serve these shrimp puffs as an aperitif or as a dinner appetizer. It is therefore a friendly recipe that will make you have a good time with your guests. In addition, the puff pastry looks like shrimp when it comes out of the oven: you will therefore have a presentation that recalls the ingredients of the recipe. To delight the eyes and taste buds of your guests, all you have to do is follow the steps.

To save time, this recipe requires industrial puff pastry. Just because it’s not homemade doesn’t mean it’s bad for your health. On the market, there are puff pastries that are good for your health: you just need to choose carefully. You must first pay particular attention to the list of ingredients which must not contain palm oil. The best is to choose a dough with a short list and which has the mention “pure butter”. You will therefore have puff pastry as if it were made at home.


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