UA Japan Airlines plane is on fire, this Tuesday morning (evening, local time), on the runway at Haneda International Airport, in Tokyo, Japan. The incident occurred after the aircraft collided with another Coast Guard aircraft. when landing.

A total of 379 people, 367 passengers and 12 crew, who were on board the Airbus A350, coming from Hokkaido, according to NHK, were safely removed from the aircraft without injuries.

In the case of the Coast Guard aircraft where six people were traveling – the commander managed to escape and the other five were missing, having already been found.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has since confirmed the deaths of the five Coast Guard officers who had been found, according to NHK. The pilot is seriously injured.

This aircraft was preparing to head to Niigata with supplies victims of the earthquake that hit that region on Monday. Haneda airport is closed for now.

According to The Japan Times, the extent of the damage is unknown. An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the accident by the Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure and Transport.

[Notícia atualizada às 11h28]

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