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Oh, the holidays! Sun, relaxation, and of course, delicious meals! But who says cooking on vacation often says lack of adequate utensils. How many of us have ever found ourselves with a dull knife or a melted spatula while trying to cook up a feast at a campsite, lodge or mobile home? To avoid these culinary misadventures, here is an essential list of utensils to always put in your luggage before leaving.

The knife, the favorite weapon of the improvised chef on vacation! A sharp kitchen knife is the ultimate tool for carving, mincing and slicing with ease. No more “rustic” looking cutting galleys. Choose a reliable and sharp companion that will make all your culinary preparations much more pleasant. No need to bring a chef’s knife, a simple well-sharpened paring or folding knife can do the trick!

These little utensils may seem insignificant, but think again! A vegetable peeler or shaver is essential for peeling and cutting your vegetables with precision. Peeling potatoes or carrots with a knife can quickly become tedious.

The grater is the secret of dishes that are unanimous! Whether it’s for melting cheese on your pasta, citrus zest to brighten up your desserts or even grated vegetables for fresh recipes, the grater will be your unbeatable ally in your holiday kitchen.

Imagine yourself preparing your meal on the corner of the table or on a work surface with the fear of damaging it. For hygiene issues too, it’s better to come with your own board.

On vacation, we like to toast, but a measuring cup has a completely different culinary use. Accurate and practical, it will save you from playing guessing games to measure your recipes.

Because on vacation, we like to relax with a good bottle of wine or a refreshing drink. Opt for a 2-in-1 bottle opener corkscrew, practical so as not to be caught off guard.

For fans of canned food or quick canned meals, the can opener is a must. No more hammering a tin can against a rock or awkwardly cutting it with a knife. The can opener is sure to save your day.

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list that you can adapt according to your habits and your needs on site.


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