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When you install your kitchen, thehome appliance layout is very important. Between the oven, the dishwasher, the blender and the toaster, everything must have its place. To avoid risks and domestic accidents, it is important to think about your kitchen as a whole. Safety must be your priority!

The microwave is an appliance found in many French kitchens. But to find the best space to dedicate to your microwave, you need to consider 3 parameters : proximity to water points, other electromagnetic devices but also the available space. Follow our guide to choose the perfect spot.

Like any electronic device, it is essential to place the microwave far from water inlets and outlets. Indeed, water and electricity do not mix! We therefore advise you to favor a location far from your sink but also from your dishwasher or your washing machine if the latter is in the kitchen.

At the same time, it is important toavoid interference with the microwave as much as possible. As the device emits electromagnetic frequencies, it is best to keep it away from other devices of the same type. If the electromagnetic fields produced by the microwave interfere with your other appliances, they can especially disrupt their performance and even cause breakdowns.

Finally, to ensure the better ventilation possible to your device, make sure that it has enough space around it to function properly. The microwave – by its very operation – produces a lot of heat and the latter must be able to escape easily from the appliance. Avoid placing your microwave in a closed environment, stuck against a wall or simply too small. If you opt for a high storage cupboard with a door, remember to leave it open when using the microwave. In this way, the hot air in the appliance can escape without any problem.

The most dangerous place to install your microwave would therefore be to place it against the wall on the work surface, right next to your toaster and the sink. But thanks to our adviceyou are now able to determine the most suitable and least risky place for your device!


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