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It colors the market stalls as soon as the sunny days arrive and delights us all summer! Economical, practical, gentle and full of nutrients, it really has it all. It is therefore not surprising that this variety of plant from the cucurbitaceae family is among the favorite vegetables of the French. We love it in velouté, in gazpacho, in gratin, stuffed, or even raw, in salad. To take full advantage of its advantages, there is a simple rule to follow. Follow the leader !

When we come home from the market, our first instinct is often to put our fruits and vegetables in the fridge…. Well know that this is undoubtedly far from being the best idea for zucchini!

This may seem surprising but the refrigerator is not the preferred option to preserve this vegetable. This may even lead to rapid wilting. Admit that it would be a shame to end up with zucchini that has lost all its crunch. And this is all the more detrimental as this wilting leads to a loss of nutrients.

However, zucchini, when very fresh, is a real nutritional treasure. It contains in particular large quantities of B group vitamins, but also beta carotene, vitamin E, with proven anti-oxidant properties. But that’s not all ! Zucchini is also very rich in minerals and provides in particular potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron… all for a very reasonable calorie intake. In short, only good!

To keep your zucchini in ideal conditions, forget about low temperatures. The ideal is to place them in a cool place (a cellar or garage, for example), and especially away from light and humidity. The best is to place them in crates, avoiding stacking them, and taking care not to mix them with other fruits or vegetables such as tomatoes or avocados which will release ethylene and cause them to ripen too quickly. . In these (good!) conditions, the zucchini will keep for at least 5 days.

And if it’s really too hot at home, or during a heatwave, the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator is also a good option.


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