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Salad is good, light and fresh, and you can practically eat it all year round. Yes, but this vegetable is also one of the most fragile. This is why it is recommended to consume it quickly. How to freshen up a tired salad. Here’s the trick!

In addition to being considered the healthy food par excellence thanks to its very low calorie content (around 15 calories per 10 g), green salad is also very good for your health for other reasons. It is in fact a veritable mine of vitamins and minerals, notably vitamin B9, essential for cell renewal, cardiovascular protection, as well as the prevention of mood and memory disorders. The salad is also concentrated in vitamin C, known to strengthen the immune system.

You understand, eating salad helps take care of your body. Whether you like it Caesar style or accompanied by fresh cheese and raw vegetables, this vegetable turns out to be a powerful ally for foolproof health!

While you were delighted to enjoy a very green and crunchy salad leaf, you realize that you left a little too much of it in the vegetable drawer… To give it a second lease of life, nothing could be simpler! Take a bowl filled with water and add 2 pieces of sugar or their powdered equivalent. Mix well, then immerse the leaves in it. Wait 30 minutes before taking them out and rinsing them with clean water. Your salad leaves are fresh again and ready to enjoy!

Because one tip is better than two, to keep your salad longer and in an optimized manner, wrap it in a damp cloth before placing it in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. It will thus be consumable for longer and in almost impeccable condition!


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