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Dried fruits are a source of nutrition and energy, appreciated for centuries by food and wellness enthusiasts. Whether almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts, the key to enjoying these delicacies lies in their proper storage. Find out what are the best options to adopt based on your habits.

Dried fruits naturally contain healthy fats, but these can become rancid if exposed to heat. The ambient temperature in our interior is often too high, which can lead to a deterioration in the quality of dried fruits in the long term. If you consume your nuts, hazelnuts and other dried fruits quickly, generally within two weeks of purchase, no problem. Simply store them in airtight jars in a cupboard away from light.

If you are looking for the best way to preserve your dried fruits over the long term, the freezer could well be your secret ally! It provides a controlled environment that keeps moisture at bay, preventing any mold from forming and ensuring that your dried fruits maintain their freshness for a long time. The cold temperatures and darkness of the freezer preserve the quality of the fats and prevent them from becoming rancid. This way, you ensure that your dried fruits retain their taste.

Cherry on the cake, this method considerably extends the life of your dried fruits. You can enjoy their intact freshness up to a year. To defrost, simply take them out a few hours before and leave them at room temperature.

You can also apply this tip to your almond and hazelnut powders, useful in pastries for the galette des rois for example. Simply freeze them in individual portions in airtight bags.


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