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In its last issue of September 2023, the magazine 60 million consumers devotes a file on the reliability of our household appliances. To do this, the magazine tested dishwashers, ovens, food processors, refrigerators and also espresso coffee machines with almost 6,000 consumers. And in this category, one brand crushes the ranking…

In an interview for France Info, Adrian de San Isidoro, head of the equipment and leisure section of the magazine’s editorial team, notes improvements on the manufacturers’ side: “It is obvious that the arrival, in 2021, of the repairability index , a score out of 10, written on labels in stores or online, encouraged manufacturers to improve the availability of spare parts or the disassembly of their products. On the other hand, not all products are yet affected, he adds: “Improvements that we see for most devices, such as large household appliances. On the small household appliance side, however, there is still quite a bit of progress to be made. achieve in terms of repairability.” So what about espresso coffee machines? There has been a clear improvement over the past 2 years, with reliability increasing by an average of 4 points. Despite everything, significant breakdowns still occur on this type of device, mainly due to hard water. The magazine recommends always using filtered or spring water and descale regularly to prolong the life of coffee machines.

Over the course of a month, 5,983 panelists, recruited both by a survey institute and also by the magazine, responded to a questionnaire which covered a total of 7 different types of household appliances. For the reliability rate, participants were asked whether their devices had broken down in the last ten years. For the satisfaction index, it is the criteria of ease of use and maintenance, as well as the sound volume, which are evaluated… Last criterion, the durability of the life of the devices and the duration of availability of spare parts.

One and the same brand occupies the first 3 places in this study, it is Krups. With a reliability rate of 88.4% and an overall score of 15.2/20, Nespresso Krups machines dominate this ranking, followed by Krups models with a score of 14.6/20 then Dolce Gusto Krups with 14.5/20.

Behind, in fourth and fifth place, we find the De’Longhi machines with 13.8/20 and Magimix with 12.5/20.”


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