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This is the ideal season to prepare excellent jams with delicious summer fruits. Apricots, strawberries or raspberries: there is something for everyone. But to succeed in this sweet preparation, there are a few golden rules to follow. Exactly, in a facebook videoLaurent Mariotte unveiled as part of the program Small dishes in balance on TF1, his secrets for preparing “a jam at the top”.

First of all, it is essential to choose the right fruits for the jam. For this, Laurent Mariotte affirms that it is necessary to take them “mature, it’s important”. Indeed, jam is the ideal recipe to give a second life to your slightly damaged and overripe fruit instead of throwing them away.

“The fruit/sugar distribution” is also a key point for preparation. In order to find the right balance, Laurent Mariotte recommends adding 600g of sugar for 1kg of fruit. According to the cook, this is more than enough.

Laurent Mariotte is clear on the subject: “in a jam you need acidity” for this, the secret ingredient is none other than lemon. Just add the juice of a lemon and you’re done.

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To add even more flavor, he explains that it’s important to find the flavor combinations that work. For example, for strawberry jam, Laurent Mariotte adds a vanilla pod. But that’s not a rule, it’s “Just for fun” explains the culinary expert.

“Let macerate overnight in the fridge” in order to develop here the aroma of the strawberry or the fruit in general.

Petit + : If you want your jam to be set, you can add a little pectin but this is not mandatory since “some like it liquid”.

Finally, the last essential step: cooking. Laurent Mariotte recommends letting it cook “25 minutes at a low boil, stirring regularly and the ideal is the copper basin”.

The cooking time will vary depending on the type of fruit.


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