Hot and humid air is currently lying over the middle and south of Germany. Up to 40 liters of precipitable water are available and this means that thunderstorms have extremely heavy rain potential in the next few days. Within an hour there can be up to 40 liters of rain per square meter.

Heavy thunderstorms this week

So if there’s a thunderstorm, then right. There will be heavy rain, hail and some gusts of wind. There are strong thunderstorms that can cause flooding in the short term and maybe basements will fill up or one or the other tree will snap. But these are not severe thunderstorms: no supercells and no increased risk of tornadoes.

Thunderstorms are particularly active in the late afternoon until late at night. On Wednesday there will be thunderstorms in the south and in the middle and on Thursday almost exclusively in the south.

Trend shows: muggy air is moving away

While the thunderstorms can also move north on Wednesday night, the thunderstorms will remain in the south on Thursday.

And here a trend can clearly be seen: The thunderstorm situation is nearing its end. Because by Friday the weather will have stabilized to such an extent that there will be no more thunderstorms. And then the muggy air goes away.

This also means that the temperatures will remain midsummer, but that it will be more pleasant at the weekend. We can look forward to a few very nice summer days. The maximum values ​​are between 25 and 32 degrees. Only in the northwest and north will there be some rain on Saturday. But summer is not over here either. On the contrary: It will be really hot again.

Heat wave: Up to 40 degrees possible next week

From next Tuesday it will be extremely hot. Along the Rhine, temperatures can rise to 39 degrees. The 40 degrees are not entirely out of the question, even if they still seem very unlikely at the moment. Strictly speaking, it is not a new heat wave, just the continuation of the current heat. The maximum values ​​in the south and the center are already consistently reaching 30 degrees or more.

However, an even hotter air mass is arriving from North Africa. And that’s why the maximum values ​​go up again.

Only towards the end of next week will cooler air prevail again. So it could well be that not only the hottest day, but also the hottest week is imminent.

Thunderstorms are sure to return next week, but it’s not yet clear when and where they will occur.

Significant cooling at the end of August

What you can already say: The weather will cool down significantly again in the last week of August. It doesn’t really get cold, but the heat is over for the time being. How things will continue in September is also not entirely certain. At the beginning of September, however, it looks like there will be a little more rain before late summer arrives. But all of that is still subject to change.


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