“TAll we get, time and time again, are dead hostages. Our demand is not a fight, it is a demand that anyone would make if they were his father. Take this into consideration and draw up a negotiation plan now,” said Noam Perry, daughter of an Israeli hostage in Gaza, at a meeting of hostage families in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today promised to “learn” from the death, on Friday, of three Israeli hostages shot when they approached Israeli soldiers, with a white flag.

“We will learn the lessons,” said Netanyahu, in a statement on Israeli television, accompanied by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and minister without portfolio Benny Gantz.

The head of government added that Israel will maintain “the military and diplomatic effort” to ensure that all hostages return home.

In turn, Defense Minister Yoav Galant stressed that “the entire nation of Israel feels the pain of the families of the hostages who lost their loved ones in very tragic and painful circumstances.”

The Hamas Health Ministry has reported 18,800 deaths in Israeli attacks on Gaza since the start of the war with Israel, triggered by the bloody attack by Hamas commandos on Israeli soil on October 7.

The attack left around 1,140 people dead, according to Israeli authorities.

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