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Unlike our refrigerator or sink, cabinets and drawers are often one of the most neglected parts of our kitchen spaces. They hold a multitude of ingredients, dishes and utensils, but over time they can also become breeding grounds for dirt, dust and mess. This is why it is essential to ask yourself the question: how often should you clean your kitchen cupboards? Here are our practical tips to make your life easier in this cleaning mission. So, prepare your sponge and your favorite cleaning products, because your kitchen cupboards are waiting for you!

How often you clean your cabinets depends in part on your use of the kitchen, the climatology of your area, and signs of a potential infestation. Generally, a deep cleaning every 3 to 6 months is recommended. However, if you live in a humid area or if you notice signs of the presence of insects or rodents, it is better to do it more frequently, or even occasionally if necessary.

Our cupboards are the guardians of our food, so it is essential to maintain good hygiene there. Over time and as products are moved, crumbs or dirt can accumulate. Negligence can quickly turn into a nightmare, particularly by attracting harmful insects such as food moths and even rodents. These undesirables can cause significant damage to your supplies and compromise your food, and pose a health risk.


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