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The search for culinary perfection often begins with the quest for the ideal marriage of flavor and simplicity. And when it comes to enhancing a piece of meat as noble as filet mignon, every cook aspires to achieve excellence. Here, we suggest you cook it using a very popular utensil in recent times: the famous Airfryer (or hot air fryer). We have also shared with you a guide on the criteria to take into account before buying one.

To ensure that your filet mignon is covered with a delicious golden and crispy crust, you just need to sear the meat beforehand. Before cooking in the Airfryer, heat a little oil in a pan and brown each side of the filet mignon for a few minutes. Then, follow the previous steps to finish cooking.

The advantages of cooking in an Airfryer are multiple. Indeed, this ingenious utensil not only offers a healthier alternative by considerably reducing or even eliminating the use of oil, but it also allows faster cooking. This cooking technique also preserves all the nutrients in your food, as well as their flavors and texture.


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